The Pascal Longequeue prize is awarded each year to one of the ENBS students for his / her outstanding academic achievements. The annual prize honors Pascal Longequeue, a professor of Normandy Business School who was instrumental in creating the consortium and died in a car accident in 1990. The very first prize for outstanding academic achievement was awarded to Miss Virginie Mahieu, a student of the Normandy Business School in 1997.

1997 Mahieu, Virginie Le Havre Birmingham
1999 Rossler, Kat Bamberg Swansea
2000 Harzer, Tobias Bamberg Montpellier
2000 Redonda Molina,Olga Alcala Swansea
2001 Kiehlborn,Thomas Bamberg Heriot-Watt
2002 Beyer, Anne Stuttgart Swansea
2002 Marney, Georgina Aston Strasbourg
2003 Breckner, Jochen Stuttgart Heriot-Watt
2003 Moses, Heike Bamberg Heriot-Watt
2005 Krusz, Marta Cracow Bamberg
2006 Wrona, Katarina Cracow Bamberg
2007 Schenk, Nils-Christian Regensburg Swansea
2009 Borau Rumabo,Gloria Etea Swansea
2009 Boucher, Nicolas Normandy Stuttgart
2009 Mayer, Benjamin Bamberg Clermont
2010 Owczarek, Agnieska Cracow Normandy
2010 Gajek, Ilona Cracow Stuttgart
2010 Graness Sebastian Bamberg Lyon
2010 Hagel, Felix Stuttgart Swansea
2011 Steinbach, Pascal Marc Oliver Bamberg Montpellier